How it all began...

Myrtle Beach Tours. It all started because no one would rent us a beach house!

Myrtle Beach Tours "officially" started back in 1988 when a George Mason University student needed to find a place at the beach for his fraternity. Problem was that most realty companies did not rent to kids under 25.

Monroe "Roe" Baldwin drove down to the beach and found a cool, ol' dude that had no problem renting his houses to students. The light bulb went off in Roe's head and he rented a whole block of houses.  He figured if he could get all the fraternities on campus to rent a house it would be like "Greek Week" in Ocean Drive!

The idea was a huge hit and grew every year with more and more kids from colleges and high schools all over the southeast! Roe kept finding places for them and in 1996 secured 50 units dedicated to students. In 2000, a need for more upscale student housing was in demand so Roe built The Ocean Surf Club and then The Catalina Manor. Luxury rentals complete with big screen TV's, internet access, and pool tables!

Over the past 2 years we've had over 14,000 students stay with us, solidifying our position as the South's leader in student vacations!

Now in 2011, the kids keep coming, the beach is still as cool as ever, and Roe is still finding them places to make beach memories.  He has created the ultimate beach social scene.