Community Service Program



Community Service is important to us - so important that we'll discount your trip if you help our beach community.

In 2009, Myrtle Beach Tours formed a partnership with the local Keep North Myrtle Beach Beautiful Chapter to provide a way for student groups to earn community service credits while at the beach.

North Myrtle Beach hosts several hundred thousand tourists each season; this leaves a substantial impact on our community. Ever present litter provides a challenge to our city and our volunteer organization of Keep North Myrtle Beach Beautiful.

Your group can volunteer and earn a community service credit, receive individualized certificates of achievement, and receive a credit toward your group's vacation cost.

You will be led by an official from the Keep North Myrtle Beach Beautiful Committee to a particular location to perform a clean up. All supplies will be provided. Please budget at least four hours for cleaning.

•You fill out an application for the program
•We schedule a time for service with Keep North Myrtle Beach Beautiful during your stay
•You volunteer for 4 hours service during your stay.
•Our city is clean and beautiful.
•We discount your trip by $50*
•You get a certificate showing your service to our community.

* based on minimum $99 base price.

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