George Mason Beach Week

George Mason Beach Week in north Myrtle beach, South Carolina

George Mason Beach Week at North Myrtle Beach - Come on everybody. You all Everybody.

George Mason Beach Week Means Tradition. Every year Hundreds of Patriots Invade the beach. Second Avenue becomes Greek Street and the nonsense goes on nonstop. When George Mason Beach Week rolls around and the Patriots hit the beach, the party starts. Fraternal organizations celebrate a year of service and a lifetime of memories. Hundreds of students congregate on second avenue and bond like never before. The houses are the perfect place for staying with your closest friends.

George Mason Beach Week guy George Mason Beach Week 2018 will be the biggest and baddest ever!

George Mason Beach Week celebrates your hard work and achievement. We welcome student rentals. Many people want to come for grad week to mirtle beach. Murtle beach is a great place for George Mason Beach Week. Come visit with us - you will have the best week of your young life.

It all started because people needed something to do after four years (or more -Joe!) of study. And going out to get a job is really not a great idea when your worn out from school. So we decided that George Mason Beach Week would be the solution! We gathered up the houses and the people and violin! Beach week!
There are so many schools coming down for beach week that it gets competitive so call us today and book your beach house. Go to our home page and look at the houses then book one online or call us today. Our company was founded by some kid who decided to come to beach week. Now that kid is an old dude who will be offering up some kraven houses for George Mason Beach Week 2018 . Come bake in the sand. Come party till the sun comes up. Come hang your banners from our railings. Come to George Mason Beach Week !

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