Grad Week

Grad Week in north Myrtle beach, South Carolina

Grad Week - Live it up!

Grad Week at North Myrtle Beach is a killer experience for all. Houses rock all week long. Grad Week can really stress you out unless you have the beach getaway to set the proper tone.

Grad Week guy When students come to Grad Week 2018 they have a need to relax after years of study. They also have a reason to celebrate all their hard work and the rewards yet to come. We give them the place to do just that.

It took a lot to get to Grad week and now that it's here - do it in style! Your style might be a shack or a high-end place, whatever suits you. Just make sure you get your joint at the beach, beech! Myrtle Beach is the best place for Grad Week because they are suited for student rentals. They have all the places you want to stay and all the peeps you wanna hang wif. Make sure you plan ahead to get the best places and don't have to sleep in a dumpster like my friend Larry.

Myrtle Beach Tours specializes in student rentals. They are the shizizzle when it come to beachizzle, Minizzle!
  Larry did have some fun during Grad Week, he got to ride around in the dumpster truck all afternoon one day when he didn't wake up in time. You should have seen that! We had a better time - we had a nice shack with bunk beds and cable TV and all kinds of stuff.
  The people in North Myrtle Beach are pretty cool. They love seniors coming to town and livening things up. The graduates who come in are mostly respectful kids who just want to kick it at the beach. We always make sure to clean up our mess and they appreciate that. Always pick North Myrtle Beach for your Grad Week!

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