Graduation Week

Graduation Week in north Myrtle beach, South Carolina

Graduation Week - Live it up!

Graduation Week - the time to look back at all that education and apply yourself some suntan lotion for a week of roasting in the sun and chillin in the waves.

Graduation Week guy We know exactly what you need for Graduation Week 2018 - a place to stay and some friends to hang out with. You'll have to supply your own friends but we can handle a place for all of them to crash. The more the merrier!

Twelve (or more) years is enough to spend on education. Now it's time to let your hair down and forget everything you've learned and just chill. Catch some rays. Meet some hotties. Body piercings? ok just have fun. Graduation Week souveniers don't have to be part of you. You could get a coffee mug!

Myrtle Beach Tours has the properties that are located close to main street so you can walk to Georgio's Pizza, Pirate's cove, the Spanish Galleon and more to make your Graduation Week the best thing ever.

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