Myrtal Beach

Myrtal Beach in north Myrtle beach, South Carolina

Myrtal Beach - Learn to spell, man

Myrtal Beach guy Myrtal Beach is a common misspelling of Myrtle Beach. Many people just can't figure it out- the beach was named for the Crepe Myrtle that grow in the southern U.S. A great shrub that flowers in the Summer and fall. Many consider Myrtle Beach the Flower of the Carolinas, with its white sandy beaches and loads of family fun. But back to the beach - Myrtal Beach is the Grand Strand of golden sand that hundreds of thousands flock to each year. Students have been starting their summer off here for almost a hundred years! This is the world's number one beach week destination. Kids from around the country come here to sun all day and fun all night. It's a great place to sit on wide sandy beaches all day and find a cool party or club at night.

We have houses for rent to students in Myrtal Beach - so check us out hit the home page, browse the houses and then book online. We rent to students! We have a whole block of houses that crank it up all summer long. This is the one and only rockin Myrtal Beach Week Experience!

Every year Myrtal Beach is more and more popular. Thousands of young people descend on our little community. We enjoy having them here. We rent to parties that are under 21!
Kids are so lively when they show up here that we know the spring is upon us. Ice cream shops and swimsuit emporiums line Main Street. Students from across America join forces in a week fo frivolity that cannot be matched. When it's all over there are remnants of fun everywhere you look. Thank goodness for the gang at Myrtle Beach Tours for letting us stay with them another year. UNDER 21? NO PROBLEM!

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