North Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beech in north Myrtle beach, South Carolina

North North Myrtle Beach - Just a hair above that other place.

North Myrtle Beach Used to be 5 towns just North of Myrtle Beach. but back in the olden days they all wanted to be more citified so four of those towns formed up their own city and decided to call it

North Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beech guy North Myrtle Beach has been a favorite place for students since yer granpappy was courtin' yer granny! Heck they probably hung out at The Pad and shagged the night away under the old pier.
Today North Myrtle Beach is a different place - It's grown with the times and has newfangled fancy joints as well as a few of the old beach cottages like The Almaglir, The eight ball and Korner Kottage. Places that are just right for young-uns who want to jitterbug with the hep-cats all night (or whatever they call it today) or sit on the deck and watch the girls go by. I think they still do that. Houses all over Ocean Drive are full of students for spring break and beach week! North North Myrtle Beach is home to Pirate's Cove, Spanish Galleon and other historic clubs.

Plan now for your North Myrtle Beach hootenanny. If you don't it might be hard to find student friendly accommodations. So call us today and we'll hold your place for ya.

Anyhoo... Kids today love the beach just as much as we did way back yonder - in the 1900's. And they do love North Myrtle Beach. With all the clubs that they can walk to and the shops on Main Street, the Ocean Drive section is still the greatest place to start your summer. With places like Duffy Street,O.D. Arcade, Fat Harold's, Boulevard Grill and Pirate's Cove Lounge Ocean Drive offers good times and great fun.

  North Myrtle Beach continues to grow at amazing rates! New roads, bigger condo complexes and increased spending by a guest-minded city government make this one of the top family vacation destinations in the U.S.
  This family-friendly beach city is home to some of the nicest people in the world. They welcome vacationers from around the world and make them feel at home. North Myrtle Beach is chock full of fun. There are amusement parks, minigolf courses, more pancake houses than you can shake a stick at. The city employs workers in many fields that are proud of North Myrtle Beach and keep the roads clean and the streets safe. It is really a nice city to live in as well as to vacation.
  The beaches are always open - we think it's right peculiar that certain yankee states and california for some reason have beaches that are private and don't let the public in. WE DON'T DO THAT! We have a great big beach that is open to all. Come and get your feet in the sand and maybe even get wet. We have really cool waves for boogie boarding and surfing and you can often see dolphin jumping out by the shrimp boats.
  Speaking of shrimp - there are some fantastic restaurants here with great seafood and steaks. Or you can buy it right off the dock! If you aren't as hungry and have the time catch your own off of the cherry grove pier.
  North Myrtle Beach is proud of our one celebrity - Vanna White Everybody loves her.
But we are equally proud of our hospitality and ability to put on a good time!The Baileys symbolize the Irish Spirit on St Paddy's Day The St. Patrick's Day Parade is one of the best anywhere - lots of people having a good time both watching and parading. But St. Paddy's is only one of many all-day festivals that make up the social scene Here in North Myrtle Beach. There's the Christmas Regatta, Sun Fun, Canadian-American Days, The Fishing Rodeo, SOS, Wow ! that's just scraping the cream off -there is more to do here than you can shake a stick at. Just come on down and we'll show you a good time! June is reserved for Student Rental Only! We have a whole block of houses both old and new just for students! yeeeeehaaaaaaawwwwwwww!

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