Senior Trip

Senior Trip in north Myrtle beach, South Carolina

Senior Trip to North Myrtle Beach - youtube is waiting!

Senior Trip is a time to reflect on all the time you spent in school, all the hard work you have put in, and chunk it. You are done with it, man twelve years is all the studying you ever need. From now on it all flowers and sausages, baby!

Senior Trip guy Senior Trip 2018 is gonna be the best week of your life. I mean let's face it - you'll end up in a dead end career 20years from now, siting at a desk and dreaming of your Senior Trip to Myrtle.

Senior Trip to Myrtle with your class and splash in the surf, play in the sand and party all night long. Kids from all over the country come here to celebrate their independence and flirt with other kids from all over the country. Youtube was invented for all the crazy stuff you're gonna put up from your senior trip.

Myrtle beach is the easy drive-to destination for your senior trip. hop in that old clunker and cruise down with the gang. Flop on our beach and frolic in our Surf. We rent to student groups.

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