Senior Week

Senior Week in north Myrtle beach, South Carolina

Senior Week at North Myrtle Beach is the greatest experience in your life!.

Houses rock all week long! Senior week can really stress you out unless you have the beach getaway to set the proper tone. When students come to Senior Week they have a need to relax after years of study. They also have a reason to celebrate all their hard work and the rewards yet to come.

senior week guySenior week is one of the greatest experiences of a lifetime! People from across the country will be there in all their finest. Hot bods and cool chicks will fill the strand. Dance floors will be packed. Students from 0ver 500 schools attended beach week last year. The growing popularity of North Myrtle Beach as the ultimate party experience is a major factor in the choice people make to bring their student group here. It took a lot to get to Senior week and now that it's here - do it in style! You might need a shack or a luxury place, whatever suits you. Just make sure you get your house at the beach, beech!

Senior Week is where people are welcome to express themselves. Drive down to Myrtle Beach with ten or twenty of your closest friends. Get yourself a house and chill for the craziest week of your life!

People had concerts on the beach and the Pirates cove rocked from the rooftop. The Spanidh Galleon and O.D. Pavillion make for great times on the oceanfront with magical nights of summer.Myrtle Beach is the best place for Senior Week because they have so many students. They have all the places you want to stay and all the kids you wanna be near. Make sure you plan ahead to get the best places and don't have to sleep in your car like my friend Buzzy.

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