Adventure Party Weekend!

Challenge yourself and your friends to a weekend of adventure on the Ropes Course at Myrtle Beach Coastal Adventures! Great for team-building!
The ropes course is an impressive structure with dozens of separate elements ranging from the low ropes, which are perfect for children, to high course challenges for teenagers and adults.
The towers and high course traverses are great for singles, couples, and also provide unique team challenges for groups that create true high team building opportunities.

The course features universal/accessibility options for participants with disabilities and we have a course suitable for most ages, individuals, and groups of all kinds!

- 3 levels of difficulty
- The Challenge Towers Ropes Course
- Private Pool Parties
- Tiki Bar and Grill area

Room Cost Starting at $45 per person!

Ropes Cost determined by party size.

Call 1-877-500-6569 For Pricing!