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Myrtle Beach Tours

Student Vacation Experts since 1988

Ah, so you’d like to know who we are, and what we’ve been planning for all those college and high school lads and lassies for the last 30 years? Well, it doesn’t quite start with us, it starts with a slice of beach paradise called North Myrtle Beach, where countless shore-seekers come year after year to revel in the sunshine of spring and summer, splash about the waves of the sea, and bask in the boundless energy of youth.

Anyone who has ever sat dozing in a classroom through the long and bleak days of winter, has once dreamed of running to a better place—dreamed of putting the toils of schooling in the rearview mirror of their pleasure cruiser, as they move closer and closer to their glorious destination. But just what is the place where all these dreamers seek to be?

Ocean Drive, North Myrtle Beach! That is the primary destination for all students who come here. And when they arrive, we are ready. We are ready to turn their sighs into shouts, their wails into wahoos and their tired limbs into vessels of leisure.

Myrtle Beach Tours knows the countless ways of helping students have a memorable time at this famous sliver of South Carolina coast. Whether it’s dependable housing, local spots for food and drinks, social events, nightlife, or just someone to answer a question (or four!), Myrtle Beach Tours strives to give our students all the tools they need to create a care-free stay and a beach-bag full of memories.

Our houses have names like our loved ones, and come in a wide range of shapes and styles, along with versatile floor plans, all of which are comfortable, classy, and close to the shore. These beach houses can all be found in the same neighborhood as well, creating a block party atmosphere during peak weeks that would rival any Greek Life jamboree, even a large-scale bird or sea-otter migration!

At Myrtle Beach Tours, we constantly seek to provide all the necessary elements and then some, ensuring that all our student clients have an experience full of excitement, along with opportunities to come together, rest, and build relationships that just might last as long as life itself.

Over the past 2 years, we’ve had over 15,500 students join us at the beach. So as the odds stand, you probably know one of them!