Spring Break

Kick back in the center of a Spring Break whirlwind, with housing nestled in the midst of a beach town that roars to life every Spring.

With over 1000 students already coming to North Myrtle beach for spring break this year, not to mention those who come for the High-Tide Ultimate Frisbee tournament, you can expect to have an excellent hiatus from a campus that’s lost its luster. Whether it’s housing, help or info about the town, Myrtle Beach Tours provides everything a roving Spring-Breaker needs, so you can worry about the more important things in life, like when to walk to the beach, what to do once you get there, and which party you’ll hit up later.

We also offer a discounted Myrtle Maniac Card with your stay, that gives you admission to all the parties each night, in addition to many a free pour.

“Many a free pour!”

“Say no more!”

“We’re goin’ to the shore!”