Our History

In 1988, when May College BeachWeek was rapidly approaching after a round

of brutal mid-term exams,

a group of Sigma Nu fraternity brothers drew straws to see who would bear the

burden of finding a beach house, where he and all his fellows could rest and kick

back some cold ones. This was no small task since many realty companies at the

time refused to do business with college students. Nevertheless, it fell to the lot of

brother mon"Roe" Baldwin to find a place where they could all lay their weary

heads and have some fun.

This was before the conveniences of internet webpages with glossy

photos and online applications, and being wary of thick phonebooks, Roe Baldwin

took it upon himself to drive down to North Myrtle Beach. He sought to find what he and

his buddies imagined to be a cool old dude, who would rent his beach shacks to any

and all students in need of spring and summer repose.

Roe found such man in the flesh, and shortly after doing business with him an idea

flew out in forefront of Roe's mind like a dolphin bursting forth from the surf. He

thought: Why don't I convince all the fraternities on campus to rent houses here?

Shortly thereafter Roe succeeded in doing so, and started something he and others

could only compare to Greek Week, although many people soon began to wonder if

this was not far better, being situated right on the salty shore.

With the enthusiasm of thousands of willing youths, the idea became a living

tradition. And in every succeeding year, college and high school students from the

southeast continued to pour into Ocean Drive. Roe never failed to find places for

them. Some of the more grateful students began to call him the "Beach Master", who

stood confidently between the landed beach homeowners and the vacationing

students who lacked property, but who were willing, able, and responsible enough

to rent it. The year 1996 then came around, when Roe himself secured near to fifty beach house

units dedicated to students, and thus created a haven for all who would soak up the sun

year after year.

Soon afterwards in the year 2000, students began to develop a taste for more

upscale housing, and Roe's company, which is known as Myrtle Beach Tours,

met the students needs and then some. Roe built the Ocean Surf Club followed by

The Catalina Manor, both of which are luxury rentals that come complete with flat screen

TVs, WIFI, and pool tables. The students had found themselves a dependable

beach paradise that they could return to year after year, and Roe found himself a

lifelong occupation.

In the past 2 years alone we've had over 15,500 students stay with us, thus

solidifying Myrtle Beach Tours as the Souths leader in Student Vacations.


Come be a part of a growing tradition that never ceases to delight all involved!