College Beach Week


Ladies and Gentleman, as you are about to embark from the pier of your wonder years at the college campus, and sail into the wide-world of adult-hood, we ask that you migrate to Myrtle one last time. Let us aid you in throwing a final beach bash among friends and fellows, that will have you looking back on your college days with a delightful smile and a sigh of satisfaction.

Myrtle Beach Tours will set you up with one of our many properties, located just a short walk from the beach and the bountiful Main Street of North Myrtle. Your days will be spent in comfort as you lounge on the beach, dive into the refreshing surf, gaze into each other's eyes, and reflect upon four years of hard-work—or more, for you doctors and slow-and-steady-studiers.

By night, you can opt to set out for the famous Spanish Galleon and Pirate’s Cove nightclubs, but unlike those infamous pirates who steal and pillage the doubloons in ‘yer wallet, these Pirates of the Cove will give free pours to all ye MBT guests.

The only scallywags-seniors of the eastern universities are the ones who stay at home this spring and summer!


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