Sports Tournaments


Disc-throwers, ball bouncers, athletes all, come behold and compete by day, and rest in a stylish getaway near the shore by night. Your team will thank you for a weekend set in two locations—famously known for the glory and fun that they facilitate.

Myrtle Beach Tours has formed a partnership with the Sports Tournament operators to ensure that their athletes are provided with dependable and well-situated housing. Our beach abodes will be a place where competitors can rest weary their limbs and ice wounds from the battles of the day, and where they can strategize and feast for the new trials that will come on the morrow. And when the tournament is over and the final whistle blows, these same athletes will have a home awaiting them, where they can celebrate their victories near the beach, with friends and foes alike.

We have made a wide variety of housing choices available to sports teams. Whether a group desires large complexes for multiple teams or single beach houses for smaller bands, we have it covered. All teams are free to book individually with Myrtle Beach Tours as a single, pay per unit contract, or by using our team booking platform. This platform provides a page where all team members can register and pay on a payment plan individually. Password protected group accounts, with individual team member dashboards, are provided for free.

In order to perform their best, athletes must be completely focused on the task at hand. So, we always reassure the lad or lassie—sprinting to the end zone to catch that touchdown pass—with these words: “Swift one, hear us well! Do not worry about who is taking a picture of your athletic feats… Our partner Beach Monkey Social Life Photography, will photograph you mid leap, and provide high-resolution team photos for the aftermath as well!”

Lastly, any team that does not care to spend precious hours organizing group events such as meetings or meals can elect to have our tournament coordinators lend a hand.

Let Myrtle Beach Tours help make a formidable base camp for you and your teammates, so you can battle the day away without a care.