New "Yeti-Like" Roto-Mold coolers arrived at Myrtle Beach Tours



We are offering a fee "Yeti" like Roto-Mold Cooler for all Fraternity group leaders booked for this Fall 2023.

The school year has begun, and Rush is on! Events are filling the schedule. Football schedules are posted. Why not plan a fall beach trip for your fraternity?  The weather and water are warm through November. The crowds are gone, leaving the beaches wide open for a beach party. Link to the details here.

Fraternities are our most important customers. In appreciation, we always try to offer hospitality and a fantastic gift for the leaders who do the complex work of planning a beach trip.


What is a Roto-Mold Cooler? A roto-molded cooler, also known as a rotational-molded cooler, is designed to have superior insulation properties that help keep ice frozen for more extended periods compared to other types of coolers. You may be familiar with "YETI" coolers and their superior performance.  There are several reasons why roto-molded coolers are highly effective in ice retention:

1. Construction: Roto-molded coolers are made using a rotational molding process where a mold is filled with a melted plastic material, typically polyethylene. The mold is then rotated in multiple axes to distribute the plastic evenly, creating a seamless, uniform-thickness construction. This process results in a thick and durable cooler with consistent insulation throughout.

2. Insulation: Roto-molded coolers typically have thick walls, sometimes up to two inches (5 cm) or more, which provides excellent insulation. The thick insulation helps to minimize heat transfer from the outside environment to the inside of the cooler, keeping the contents colder for longer.

3. Quality of materials: Roto-molded coolers are often made from high-quality materials, such as high-density polyethylene (HDPE), which has excellent thermal insulation properties. HDPE is a dense and durable plastic that helps to trap and retain cold air inside the cooler while preventing heat from entering.

4. Tight seal: Roto-molded coolers usually have airtight seals around the lids, which prevent warm air from entering the cooler and cold air from escaping. This tight seal helps to maintain a consistently cold environment inside the cooler, enhancing ice retention.

5. Enhanced construction features: Many roto-molded coolers incorporate additional features contributing to better ice retention. These features may include thick gaskets, heavy-duty latches, and insulated lids. They help to reduce heat transfer further and maintain a cold interior environment.

6. Durability: Roto-molded coolers are known for their robust construction and resistance to wear and tear. Their sturdy design and thick walls make them less prone to damage that could compromise insulation, ensuring better ice retention over time.

Posted on 08/26/2023 in Greek.